Sesame Grilled Salmon

Sesame Grilled Salmon

Whenever I make salmon this Sesame Grilled Salmon is my go-to recipe! It's so fast but so flavorful. I love the coconut aminos in this recipe, it gives it just the right amount of sweet and salty jut like a soy based sauce but without the soy. When you are...
AIP Pork Chimichurri Pork Tenderloin

AIP Barbecued Chimichurri Pork Tenderloin

This AIP Pork Tenderloin recipe is a total hit, its easy, fast and perfect for the summer grilling months. There’s something I love about barbecued pork tenderloin. Maybe it's the crispy ends or those perfect grill marks on all sides. It's fairly easy to cook and if you don't...
AIP Sweet and Savory Breakfast Sausage

AIP Sweet and Savory Breakfast Sausage

This recipe inspiration came out of necessity. All the pre-made sausages I have found in the grocery store have "seasonings" in them and although I'm not quite sure what all that entails, I would bet money that there is something in there that is not AIP compliant. Like the...
AIP Chicken Flautas

AIP Chicken Flautas

These AIP Chicken Flautas are perfect when you are craving Mexican food but are on the elimination phase of your AIP diet. I absolutely LOVE Mexican food! However, Mexican food and AIP are like oil and water. They don't mix! The reason it's so hard to recreate Mexican dishes...
AIP Thanksgiving Stuffing

AIP Thanksgiving Stuffing

I have been making a version of this AIP Thanksgiving Stuffing for many years now. This stuffing is my absolute favorite! I would make it from scratch each year growing up and the best part was the crispy edges. I loved all the herbs and flavors that go into...
Baked Eggs Cups

Baked Egg Cups

These Baked Egg Cups are portable and perfect for on the go breakfast and pretty enough to serve at a brunch party. They care customizable for every person, you can cook them to suit everyone. They can have a runny yolk or be fully cooked. You can also change...
Liquid Gold Bone Broth

Liquid Gold Bone Broth

I decided to call this bone broth  Liquid Gold Bone Broth for a reason, it's because it's that good! It really is liquid gold. The bone broth trend has really exploded over then last few years and rightfully so. There are so many heath benefits from bone broth and...
Mini Herb Chicken Patties

AIP Mini Herb Chicken Patties

These AIP Mini Herb Chicken Patties have been my saving grace while on the AIP diet. They fit within my diet and anyone will love them even if they are not one the AIP diet. My favorite part about them is that that have very few ingredients but they...
Crock Pot Carnitas

Paleo Crock Pot Carnitas

Crock Pot dinners are the best and this Paleo Carnitas recipe is great because it is so easy to put everything together, go about your day and come home to a fully cooked dinner. This also is great on days where you are meal prepping because pork shoulders are...
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